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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

Basic Coord. Object Caps Selections All Lines Words Letters



Drag the Effector(s) that should affect a given text layer from the Objects Manager into this text field.

Axis [%]

Top: Align Height not active. Bottom: Align Height active. Center points within a highlighted frame can be accessed and modified using the Axis setting

Each level of text (all, lines, words, letters) has its own center point around which the respective levels rotate or can be scaled. This center point can be moved two-dimensionally within the text plane. This can be done by dragging the crosshair in the Axis window or by manually entering X and Y values in the neighboring fields. The range of movement is defined by the text plane, e.g., Words allows movement within the entire surface of the words, Letter allows movement within the space of each letter.

(see Transformation)