Cinema 4D Advanced Features MoGraph Additional Objects MoSpline
Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio

Basic Coord. Object Simple Turtle Values Spline Effectors Forces


P, S, R

The transformation parameters only work if an Effector has been applied.

See also P and Weight


All MoGraph Effectors also work in conjunction with the MoSpline. Depending on the Effector used, each MoSpline point (e.g., Random) or an entire MoSpline segment can be affected (e.g., Random). Each MoSpline point or segment can be viewed as a Clone.

If the MoSpline object is active when an Effector is selected, this Effector will automatically be added to the MoSpline object’s list of Effectors. Effectors can also be manually added to or deleted from this list. Each Effector has its own dynamic Strength parameter below the list window.