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The MoSpline is a special Spline generator with which you can:

The following methods can be used to render visible Splines:

Just as with any other Generator, the MoSpline object can be made editable by pressing the c key on your keyboard, which will transform it into a normal Spline.


The MoSpline object can be used wherever Splines are used. Objects can be positioned onto a MoSpline object using the Cloner object. If the Cloner object in turn also clones MoSplines the following plant-like structure can be created:

So how was this structure created? The initial MoSpline was used to create the circular dispersion of the "base" Splines, onto which the Cloner object then arranges the flower-like MoSpline. Two additional Effectors were used to achieve the final effect:


An interesting effect can be achieved by adding a MoSpline to a Spline Wrap. Since Particle Modifiers can be made to affect MoSplines, objects can be made to sway in the wind, for example:

As you can see, just about any object can be made to sway in a breeze.

So, how was this done? The Spline Wrap works as a Deformer on the pen when both have a common Parent Null Object. In the Spline Wrap, the Parent MoSpline object is linked via the Spline field. This MoSpline object is in turn affected by Wind. This is then multiplied by a Cloner object.