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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Basic Parameter


The PBlurp node can morph one shape into another.

This node breaks up an object into fragments, moves the fragments along a path, then reassembles (morphs) them to form a completely new object (the target object). For example, you can morph the 3D text Thinking into Particles.

Using the PBlurb node

To morph one object into another using the PBlurb node:

Restricting materials to invisible selections

The PBlurb node automatically creates invisible selections for the fragments and parts left behind. You can restrict textures to these selections to apply different materials to the corresponding parts.

To do this, select a Material tag and in the Attribute Manager, type the name of the desired invisible selection into the Selection box. Note that the names of these invisible selections (listed below) are case-sensitive. For example, if the texture should be applied to the edges of fragments, type FEDGE into the Material tag’s Selection box.


The edges of fragments.


The backfaces of fragments.


The edges of the remaining parts of the object.


The surfaces that are underneath the fragments. If Remaining Type is set to Solid, these surfaces will become visible. If Remaining Type is set to Hollow, these surfaces form the insides of the object that is left behind.