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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Basic Parameter


Using this node, you can break particles into fragments, where each fragment may have a different shape from the original particle if you wish. An example would be fireworks, where an individual particle (perhaps a fireball) can be fragmented into many different shapes (in the case of fireworks, perhaps little stars).

Invisible selections

The PFragment node will create invisible selections for the fragments and the remaining parts. These selections can be used to restrict materials. The following keywords apply. Note that these keywords are case-sensitive; you must use capital letters.


This selection is defined by the edges of the fragments.


This selection consists of the reverse sides of the fragments.


This selection is defined by the edges of the remaining objects.


This selection consists of the faces of the fragments. In Solid mode, these faces will become visible under the parting fragment. In Hollow mode, the selection consists of the remaining object’s inner surfaces.