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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio

Basic Parameter



Drag the name of the object whose shape you want to assign to the particles from the Object Manager and drop it into this box. You can also Drag & drop the object’s name directly onto the PShape node in the XPresso Editor.

Bounding Radius [0..+∞]

Sets the size of the object in relation to the Size parameter (see PStorm and PSetData) set for the particles —  the ratio of Size to Bounding Radius gives the scaling factor: (Size/Bounding Radius)*size of the object=size of the particle object. So if you want the particle object to be exactly the same size as the original object, set Size to the same value as the Bounding Radius.

The value entered is the radius of a virtual bounding sphere.

A Bounding Radius of 0 is a special case; with this value the particle objects will have the same size as the original object. However, the internal scaling is disabled and so you will no longer be able to adjust the size via the Size parameter.

Render Instance

Enable this option if the generated particles should be rendered as memory-optimized Render ‘aund Multi-Instances, i.e., you want to render an almost infinite number of elements.

Note that Render Instances only differ in position, size and rotation from one another and not in animation states. Let’s say a parameter-animated object is assigned to Thinking Particles as a shape. Normally each particle will perform as desired from the very beginning (Render Instance disabled). If Render Instance is enabled, all particles will have the identical animation state.


A Boole value of True switches the node on; a value of False switches it off.

Animation Time

Since the node’s parameters can be keyframe animated, by default the Cinema 4D time is used internally to ensure that the values are interpolated correctly. However, you can pass your own time value to this port. This should be of the data type Time, which is a Real number in the simplest case. If no value is passed, Cinema 4D’s time is used.


Connect this port to the particle stream that should use the object as particles, such as to the Particle output port of a PPass node.