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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio


Basic Parameter


The Particle Geometry object is needed if you are going to use objects as particles.

When the Particle Geometry object is selected, its settings are displayed in the Attribute Manager. Drag the name of the desired particle group from the Thinking Particles Settings and drop it into the Particle Group box. If Sub Groups is enabled, the sub-groups of the chosen object will also be assigned to the particle group.

This node enables you to assign a shape to particles. In other words, you can use this node to define an object as particles.

Here a cube has been placed in a Particle Geometry object and has been dragged into the PShape attributes so that the group of particles passed by PPass will be emitted in the shape of a cube.

Below is an example created for owners of MoGraph. MoGraph works in a limited fashion with Thinking Particles (see Cloner object and Matrix object).

In order to emit objects, relatively complex XPresso Expressions are required. The following settings can be used to make things easier:

All you have to do then is make the objects to be emitted a Child object of the Cloner object.