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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio

Basic Node Parameter

Node Properties


Use this menu to define where the particles are drawn relative to the position of the mouse pointer.


The particles are drawn is the same position as the mouse pointer. The values for Radius and Count will be ignored in this mode. The number of particles created will depend on how quickly and for how long you move the mouse pointer.


The particles are drawn inside a virtual sphere that surrounds the mouse pointer. The Radius value defines the size of this sphere and the Count value defines the number of particles drawn per mouse movement.

Radius [0..+∞]

When Type is set to Spherical, the particles are drawn inside an virtual sphere that surrounds the mouse pointer. Here you can define the size of this sphere. You can also adjust the size of the sphere interactively in the viewport — see Drawing the particles.

Count [1..2147483647]

Defines the number of particles drawn per mouse movement. This parameter has no effect when Type is set to Point (in which case, one particle will be drawn per mouse movement).

Draw Position [XYZ ]

These coordinates allow you to set to a certain degree how deep the particles should be drawn. For example, suppose you are painting in the XZ view with the Y value for Draw Position set to 400. The particles will be drawn with a Y coordinate of 400 (with Type set to Spherical within 400 +/- Radius).

Life Time
Life Variation [0..100%]

The Life Time parameter defines how long particles live for before they die. You can vary the lifetime of the particles using the Life Variation value.

Random Seed [0..2147483647]

The node calculates variations in the lifetime of the particles based on this starting value. PDraw nodes that have identical settings will generate exactly the same variation unless you give them different Random Seed values.


To delete all the particles in the PDraw node, click this button. All of the node’s particles will be deleted, not just those that are currently visible.