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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Project Mesh



This is where the Source object is located, whose shape will be projected onto the Destination object. In most cases, this is the detailed object - other objects that can be used to create geometry (e.g., Primitives, etc.) can also be used - with the Sculpt tag assigned to it.

Multiple objects can also be placed here.


Place the object onto which the object in the Source field should project in this field. In most cases this is a low-poly object that can be subdivided further during the projection process. This object DOES NOT have a Sculpt tag assigned to it.

Create Copy

Enable this option if a copy of the Destination object (with Sculpt tag) should be created after projection has been completed. Otherwise the Destination object itself will be assigned a Sculpt tag.

Hide When Finished

This option only works if Create Copy is enabled. If Hide When Finished is enabled, the Destination and Source object will be hidden in the Viewport and only the newly created object to which the Sculpt tag is assigned will be visible. Otherwise all objects will lie on top of each other and the individual objects will not be discernable.

Subdivision Level [0..12]

The Destination object can be subdivided any number of times during projection. Usually the Destination object is low-poly. Therefore, a higher subdivision should be made in order for it to to assume all of the Source object’s details. Fortunately, this subdivision takes place via the Sculpt tag and can therefore be subsequently modified at any time. Below you will find a dialog window in which the estimated number of polygons is displayed.

Polygon Count Estimate:

As the name suggests, the number of polygons for the Destination object to be projected is displayed in consideration of the subdivision level.


Click on this button to start the projection process. This can take a while, depending on the projection’s complexity, which is why the progression is shown in a dialog window. The process can be cancelled at any time.