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Project Mesh


Project Mesh

Objects with random topographies are projected along their point normals onto other objects and subdivided using a Sculpt tag.
Of course closed objects can also be projected.

Sometimes it can be extremely practical to adapt one polygonal mesh to the shape of another. This is exactly what this function does (which also works on any polygonal object). Normally, a low-res object is projected onto an object to which details were added using Sculpt. This process is also referred to as ,Retopo’. Shapes (which are most often created using sculpting) are transferred onto another shaped polygon mesh, for example to animate it (whereby the polygon mesh must meet certain topology standards), or to create tight clothing or to deform it using another polygon mesh.

A brief description of how it works: The points of the object to be projected (which can be subdivided to any level during the process) are moved along their point normals (or opposite to - the shorter of the distances is automatically selected) until they lie on the surface of the target object. It is therefore important that the shape of the object to be projected is very similar to the source object. For example, projecting a sphere onto a detailed head will rarely, if ever, work.

Projection works best when the target object’s points lie as close as possible to the source object. Yes, this means that the low-res object must more-or-less be modeled directly at the source object’s position (albeit in low resolution).

Also useful for editing is if the target object has a higher subdivision than the source object in highly detailed regions.

Project Mesh

Selecting this command will evaluate the previously created selection sequence as follows: