Advanced Features Volumes Volume Builder Object Properties Cache
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


Clicking on the Bake or Update button will at first only bake the current animation frame.

If elements in the Volume Builder’s list are animated, the cache layer can only work correctly for all frames if the entire animation is baked. In such a case, enable the Animation option, define the animation length in frames using the From and To values and then click on the Bake/Update button. Outside of the defined animation length, everything will be recalculated live.

This button’s name changes depending if you’ve already baked (Update) or not (Bake). If an affected object is modified, these changes will not automatically be passed on to the cache layer. You must first click on Update.

This deletes the content of the cache layer. It will again be recalculated live.


Here you will find information about the filled cache layer, i.e., the type of the internally saved volume and its voxel size. If the voxel size here differs from the Volume Builder’s voxel size defined above, a live recalculation will take place (i.e., resampled anew). Clicking on Update will synchronize the voxel sizes (which is always recommended).