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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio

Volume Loader

Basic Coord. Object

Volume Loader

The Volume Loader is used to load Volume sequences. Volume sequences are animated OpenVDB Volumes and consist of numerous individual and sequentially numbered *.vdb files. If such a file is loaded, the Volume Import will open automatically. In Cinema 4D, Volume sequences are arranged in the Volume Loader object. As soon as you click on Play in Cinema 4D, the individual files will be streamed from the respective storage device/location. The scene file itself will barely increase when the Volume Loader is implemented. When the scene is passed on to other users you have to make sure that the individual files are also included - as the case is with textures or sound files, for example.

The Volume Loader object can be made a Child object of the Volume Mesher in order to generate a polygon object. If the Volume Loader object is made editable, it will be converted to a single non-animated Volume object in its current state.