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Houdini Engine

Here you will find information about the state of the Houdini engine.


This is the Houdini engine version with which Cinema 4D expects to work exclusively. Click on the Download Houdini Installer button below to download the correct version.

Once Cinema 4D detects a matching and installed Houdini version, its file path will be displayed here.

Installation Status

This will display either Found (a matching Houdini version was found) or a Not Found (a matching Houdini version must be installed) message.

License Type

For each session, this and the next two info fields will only be updated if an Asset has been successfully loaded.

License Type displays the license that is installed on the current computer.

Engine Status

If no Asset has been loaded, Not Initialized will be displayed; otherwise Initialized will be displayed.

Engine API Version

Displays the API version with which the Houdini engine plugin was created. This is irrelevant for you as a user.

Get Houdini Installer...

See. Get Houdini Installer...