Reference Cinema 4D Basic Features Configuration Preferences
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


For the following export filters, the maximum for the longest side of the texture applies wherever a maximum text format can be used. The shorter side will be scaled proportionally.

The following applies to all import formats: This is how they can be brought into Cinema 4D:


Show Import Dialog
Show Export Dialog

Enable this option if you always want the corresponding dialog to be displayed when importing or exporting. Any changes made in the dialog window will be set as defaults.

If this option is disabled, the dialog window will be suppressed and the settings defined in the Preferences menu will be used.

The behavior described can be reversed temporarily by pressing the alt key while clicking on the Open/Save button in the file slection log.

Merge on Drag & Drop

This option can be used to determine what should happen with files that are dragged and dropped into Cinema 4D from external sources.

  • Enabled: The content dropped will be added to the scene currently open in Cinema 4D.
  • Disabled: The file will be loaded normally.

If you press the shift key while dropping the file into Cinema 4D, the previously described behavior will be reversed.

3D Studio Export
3D Studio Import
ArchiCAD Plugin
Cinema 4D Import
BVH Import
DEM Import
DWG Import
DXF Import/Export
Direct 3D Export
FBX Import / Export
Illustrator Export
Adobe Illustrator Import
SketchUp Importer
STL Import/Export
Volume Export
Volume Import
VRML 2 Export
VRML 2 Import
Update Merge
Wavefront OBJ