Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Configuration Preferences
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D


PSR Cursor

Enable this option if the corresponding icon should be displayed when using the Move, Scale or Rotation tool.

Tool Cursors

Most tools have a corresponding icon that can be displayed at the cursor. Enabling this option displays this icon.

Mouse Move Activation

Let’s say you have a Cube selected in the Object Manager and a material in the Material Manager. Your cursor is located on top of the Material Manager. You now press the "del" button on your keyboard. Which Manager is active and which element should be deleted?

This option defines the course of action that should be taken:

Control-Click for Right-Click

Here you can define which key should be pressed to call up the context menus. This is very useful for those using graphics tablets or one-button mice.

Note that if option is enabled, the Ctrl hotkey, e.g., to copy objects in the Object Manager, will not work (use the Cmd key instead).

Graphics Tablet

If you experience problems when using a graphics tablet with Cinema 4D, enable the Graphics Tablet option.

Mac OS does not offer this (or the next) command. The functionality is activated automatically.

Hi-Res Tablet

If you still experience problems and you are using the latest driver for your tablet, disable Use Hi-Res Coordinates to use the tablet in mouse mode. Although you will lose some of the tablet’s resolution, you should barely notice the difference.

Open Commander Dialog on Mouse Position

Here you can define if the Commander should be opened directly at the cursor location or always at the center of the monitor.


Touch Devices

The Material Node Editor can be controlled on devices with touchscreens, e.g., tablets (e.g., move or zoom). Enable this option when working on such a device.