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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio


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A few simple steps must be taken before PyroCluster scenes can be used in a Cinema 4D scene.

This is how an atmospheric PyroCluster effect is created in Cinema 4D:

  1. Create an environment object.

  2. Create a particle emitter (either Cinema 4D or Thinking Particles)

  3. Create a new shader PyroCluster - Volume Tracer (Material Manger: Create / Shader / PyroCluster - Volume-Tracer).

  4. Create a new shader PyroCluster (Material Manger: Create / Shader / PyroCluster).

  5. Assign the Volume Tracer to the Environment Object.

  6. Assign the PyroCluster material to the corresponding particle system (if using Thinking Particles, this would be the particle geometry object).

If you select the PyroCluster icon (cloud icon) in the Material Manager you will see an impressive list of options displayed in the Attribute Manager (as well as in the Material Manager).