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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Align to Spline Expression

Basic Tag

Tag Properties

Spline Path

Select the relevant Align To Spline tag and then drag the Spline object from the Object manager and drop it into the Spline Path box on the Attribute Manager’s tag page.

By animating the Spline Path parameter you can change which spline the object is aligned to during the animation.

Rail Path

You can optionally use a rail path. Drag the spline that you want to act as the rail from the Object Manager into the Rail Path box on the Attribute Manager’s tag page. This has a similar effect to the Align To Path tag in the sense that the object’s Z axis remains parallel to the spline’s tangent at all times.


If you enable Tangential, the effect is similar to that of the Align To Path tag, i.e., the object’s X, Y or Z axis is aligned to the rail path.

Position [0..100%]

If you animate the expression’s Position parameter, the object follows the path using the axis defined by Axis. If the object should follow, say, only the first half of the spline, animate Position from 0% to 50%. For more details on how to animate this Position parameter, see the Timeline chapter and/or the Attribute Manager chapter.

Segment [0..2147483647]

Splines may consist of multiple segments. Use this parameter to choose which segment the spline follows.


This setting is available when Tangential is enabled. It defines the axis with which it will follow the Rail path.

If a spline has its intermediate points set to Uniform, this is also taken into account for the spline animation. The object will then follow the spline at a uniform speed.