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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Annotation Tag

Basic Annotation Display



When a text box is created, its color will be selected randomly. This color can be changed, if desired.

Inherit from Layer

If a Layer is assigned to the tag, this layer’s color will be assigned to the text box. Otherwise the object’s layer color will be used. If the object is not assigned to a layer, a random color will be assigned.

Color Icon

Enable this option if the tag should be colored in the Object Manager according to the aforementioned criteria.

Show in Viewport

Use this option to hide or show an annotation’s text box in the Viewport.

All Views

Normally, text boxes will be displayed in all views. Disable this option if you only want them to be displayed in the active view.


If this option is enabled, text boxes and their content will be scaled down accordingly for distant objects. Disable this option if you want the text to be displayed at a legible size regardless of an object’s distance from the camera. The text box will then be displayed in it original size at all times.


If this option is enabled, the text box will only be displayed with the name it was assigned in the Basic tab’s Name field. The actual content can be displayed by unfolding the text box or by floating the cursor over the folded annotation. Disable this option if the content of the text box should always remain visible.


Some 3D formats allow comments (currently Cinema 4D only supports VRML). Enable this option if you want to export annotations.

Show all

Click on this button to make all comments of a given Project visible in the Viewport(s) (the Show in Viewport option must also be enabled).

Hide all

Click on this button to hide all annotations in the Viewport(s).

Hide all but this

Click on this button to hide all annotations with exception of the currently selected annotation.