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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Basic PSR Aim Up-Vector Parent Clamp Spring Mirror


On this tab, you'll find all the settings needed to link an object's position, scale or rotation to another object or objects. You can freely mix multiple targets. All values work locally, in other words, completely independently of the hierarchy. All values can be animated and you can also specify an offset to the targets.

Strength [-∞..+∞%]

Defines the overall strength of the constraint's influence on the object, taking all targets in the Target group into account.


Here you can specify an offset to the targets.

Maintain Original

If this option is enabled when you add a target, the object keeps its current position initially, but when you move, scale or rotate the target, the object follows it.

P [XYZ m]
S [XYZ ]
R [HPB °]

Here you can manually enter an offset to the target.


The options in this group control which of the nine coordinate values are influenced by the targets.


Enable the option for each value you want the targets to influence.


Here you can add the targets that should control the object's coordinates.

Local P
Local S
Local R

Enabling these options will position, scale and orient the object affected by the Constraint tag based on the local coordinates of its target.

Say your target object is placed as the child of another object, and this parent object was rotated, moved and scaled compared to the World coordinates. The local coordinates of the target object will reflect its relation to the parent object, even though its global coordinates compared to the World coordinates do not change.

Local P, Local S and Local R will draw upon these local coordinates (found in the Coord. tab of the target object) to position the affected object. The constraint will consider that the target object has no parent, if you prefer.


Adds a new target including all appropriate settings.


Deletes the last target you added.


Drag & drop the object you want to use as the target into this field.

Weight [-∞..+∞%]

Controls the strength of the target's influence. This parameter is only available if two or more targets are defined. This is because if only one target is defined, its strength is controlled by the Weight value at the top of the tab. If more than one target is defined, lowering this value means the other targets will have more influence.


Here you can control whether the target affects position, scale, rotation or any combination of the three.