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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Point Cache

Basic Tag

Tag Properties


Enables the tag after the animation has been recorded.

Use Deformer

Enable this option if you want to use the Point Cache tag in conjunction with a Point Cache Deformer. This will result in the recorded animation not being transferred directly to a given object but rather via the Deformer.


Enable this option if you also want to record the position, scale or rotation of the entire object in addition to the deformation. This is, for example, important for a Dynamics simulation in which an object is deformed during a collision and also moves and rotates as a result of gravity or other dynamic effects.

Strength [0..100%]

Use this slider to define the intensity with which the cached animation will be transferred to a given object. You can also combine multiple animations that have each been cached using a Point Cache tag.


Enable this option if you want to compress you cache to save memory.


Displays the current memory usage for the cache.

Store State

Pressing this button will define and store the points’ initial state. As a rule, this should be done with an object that has not been deformed. The other options will be made available once Store State has been applied.


Press this button to restore the object’s initial state.


Press this button to begin calculating the cache.


Pressing this button will update the calculation for the current frame.

Empty Cache

Pressing this button will empty the cache.


Loads a previously saved cache.


Saves a calculated cache for later use.

Auto Time

Enabling this option will result in the cache being calculated for the entire length of the document.


Enter the frame number at which the calculation of the cache should start. This field will only be made available if Automatic has not been enabled.


Enter the frame number at which the calculation of the cache should end. This field will only be made available if Automatic has not been enabled.


This offset value will cause the points to be moved prior to or following a given cache calculation.

Scale [-∞..+∞%]

Use these values to scale the cache temporally to make the points move faster or slower than during recording.

Negative scales can now be used to play the cached animation backwards.

Loop [1..2147483647]

Use this parameter to loop the cached animation. Note that no loop blending is possible between loops, so make sure your cached animation will loop properly on its own.

Blend [0..100%]

Use this value if you want the end of one loop to be blended with the beginning of the next loop. A value of 0% will produce no blend, i.e., the given object can jump abruptly from one loop to the next. Increasing the value will soften the transition correspondingly, even to the point of creating a single fluid motion.

Cache [1..1000]

Use this setting to define the size of the cache made available for undos. If no limit is set, your computer’s memory can be quickly brought to its knees.