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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Basic Tag Handles Display

Tag Properties

Strength [0..100%]

Defines the strength of the tag's influence. Reducing this value means the joints will take several frames during the animation to reach their position along the spline.

Another option is to use an IK Spline tag and an IK tag in the same chain. In this case, the Strength value allows you to blend between the two tags.


Controls how the joints are aligned along the spline.


Switches off the tag. In this mode, the tag no longer aligns the joints to the spline.


Aligns the joints along the spline without changing the distance between each joint, irrespective of the spline’s length.


Spreads out the joints evenly along the entire length of the spline. This mode makes it possible for the chain to be stretched and compressed using the spline. This is especially useful for cartoon characters.


This mode contains the relative joint scales when the Spline is stretched. This is always useful if you want to maintain your initial joint binding positions and scale so that they match the geometry you are trying to influence.

Different Spline types. Note how the Relative mode maintains the proportionality of the joint scales.
The three modes offer 3 different methods with which to stretch Joints.


Select the item to which the Joints in the chain should point. Two options are available:


Joints will point along a tangent of the spline used.


The Joints’ axes will point in the direction of the nearest Joint. This reflects the standard behavior of other applications.


Defines which axis is used to align the joints along the spline. It also defines which axis is used for the tangents on the handle objects. The usual choices are available:


Here you can define through which of the handle’s axes the spline tangent should run.


Drag & drop the spline the joints should align along into this link field.


Drag & drop the last joint in the chain that should align along the spline into this link field.


Use this setting to define if and how the chain can be twisted along the spline. The twist will be controlled via handles. Each option lets you decide if the handles’ object or world coordinates should be used.


No twisting of Joints will be allowed.


The handle axes’ World Coordinates will be used to calculate the Joint rotation along the Spline. In doing so, Quaternions (see also Quaternion Rotation will be used, which limits the rotation to between -180° and +180°.


Select this option if an IK Chain should twist more than 180°.


Select which rotation value should be used for the handles.


This spline graph allows you to precisely control how the chain twists along the spline.