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Character Component

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In this tab you can specify expressions that should be enabled only when the Character object is in Animate mode. The Animate tab is very similar to the Expressions group found in the Adjustments tab but tags listed here will be disabled during the Build and Adjust stages. This is useful for things like IK Dynamics, which could cause issues if evaluated when building and adjusting a rig. By putting the IK Dynamics tag into the Animate tab's list, the tag won't become active until the Character object is in Animate mode, making the process of building and adjusting the rig much easier.


Drag & drop any tags you wish to have disabled until you enter Animate mode in the Character object. Clicking the green check to the right of each tag will change the icon to a red check and cause the tag to be disabled in all cases – even when the Character object is in Animate mode.

Contextual Menu

When right-clicking in the objects list, you can access a contextual menu.

Start Pick Session

Use this command to enter a picking session. When in a pick session, you can click on any objects either in the viewport or Object Manager to add them to the list automatically. Press the Esc key to exit the pick session.(or select the next command).

Stop Pick Session

This command (or alternatively pressing the ESC) will end the pick session.

Select Object(s)

Selects the highlighted object(s) in the Object Manager.


Removes the highlighted objects from the list.

Remove All

Removes all objects from the list.