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Character Component

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The Include tab indicates which objects from the template need to be included with each component, how related objects should be identified, and how those objects are shared with other components.

For example, an arm component may require elements outside the direct hierarchy of the component – some of which may be shared with other components. Three cases may exist:


This attribute defines how the hierarchy will be searched when the Character object replaces object links.

Up & Level

Up & Level will search elements of parent and sibling components. For example, when replacing object links within the Arm component, the Spine and Pelvis will be searched for a matching object, as well as any additional Child objects of the Spine (other Arms and Legs).


Up will search any elements of Parent components. For example, when replacing object links within the Arm component, the Spine and Pelvis components will be searched for a matching object.


Down will only search Child components for matching elements. For example, when replacing object links within the Arm component, the Arm, Hand and Finger components will be searched for a matching object.

Up & Down

Up & Down will search within the component hierarchy, but will not search siblings (components at the same hierarchy level). For example, when replacing object links within the Arm component, the Spine and Pelvis components as well as Arm, Hand and Finger compenents will be searched for a matching object, but other components at the same level such as additional Arms and Legs will not be searched.


Full will search all components within the Character object for matching elements.


This determines how objects will be matched when replacing links.


Matching based on the Marker will utilize the unique ID associated with each Cinema 4D object to match the created object based on the marker of the source object within the template. With this setting, the Character object will match the exact object even if the names have been changed.


This setting means the Character object will try to match object by name and type.

Name (No Case)

Will match object's only based on their name, without considering the case of letters within the name.

Auto Include

The Auto Include option will automatically look through the hierarchy of the object with the Component tag as well as any tags on objects within the hierarchy (to find objects linked via Constraints, IK, etc.) and will automatically include those objects within the Component. With this option off, only objects added to the Objects list will be included within the Component.


The objects in this list will be included when the component is built. There are 3 icons to the left of each object can be toggled:

This icon determines whether the object's hierarchy should be included. If it greyed out (right) then only that object is being included and not its children. If it is white (left) then the object and all of its children will be included.

The jigsaw piece controls if this object is allowed to be shared with other already existing components. By default (pieces split) it is not shared – the objects will be created even if other components have already added the same object. If you click on the jigsaw pieces so they become white and joined components will be shared based on the Search / Match settings above, so an object will not be inserted if the same object has already been added as part of another component.

This icon indicates if the sharing is allowed with an existing component that is the same type (self sharing). The same component obviously has the same included objects, so if you had an arm with controllers and added another arm, the previous arm already includes the same controllers. By default self sharing is not allowed (red) and the controllers will be duplicated. If this is toggled (white), only one set of controllers will be created and will be shared between both arms.

Contextual Menu

When right-clicking in the objects list, you can access a contextual menu.

Start Pick Session

Use this command to enter a picking session. When in a pick session, you can click on any objects either in the viewport or Object Manager to add them to the list automatically. Press the Esc key to exit the pick session.(or select the next command).

Stop Pick Session

This command (or alternatively pressing the ESC) will end the pick session.

Select Object(s)

Selects the highlighted object(s) in the Object Manager.


Removes the highlighted objects from the list.

Remove All

Removes all objects from the list.