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Character Component

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In this tab you can specify materials within the template file that should be added to the Project when the component is built. Materials can only be specified in anatomical or custom component Types (not Components or Controllers).

Auto Include

If enabled, the hierarchy of the object with the Component tag will be searched and all materials that are linked via a Texture tag will be included when the component is built. If this option is disabled, only the materials in the material list will be included.


The materials in this list will be included when the component is built. There are 2 icons to the right of each material that can be toggled:

The puzzle piece controls if this material is allowed to be shared with other already existing components. By default (pieces split), it is not shared - the material will be created even if other components have already added the same material. If you click on the puzzle pieces so they become white and joined, a new material will not be inserted if another component has already added the same material, and the Texture tags will be updated to use the material already added.

This icon indicates if sharing is allowed with an existing component that is the same type (Self Sharing). The same component obviously has the same included materials. By default, Self Sharing is not allowed (red) and the materials will be duplicated. If this is toggled (white), only one set of materials will be created and will be shared between all components of the same type.