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Character Component

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The Character object will automatically bind (Auto weight and apply Skin Deformer) the mesh of objects inserted in its Bind tab to the objects in this list. Typically, this list should include any joints within the component, unless certain joints should not be bound to the mesh. For example, with an IK/FK Blend setup consisting of IK, FK and Blend chains, only the joints of the Blend chain should be inserted since the other two chains should not be bound to the mesh.

The hierarchy switch next to each object determines if the children of the object should be bound (white / highlighted) or only the object itself (grey).

Objects in the Bind tab (left) will show up in the Weight tag (right) when you drag a mesh into Binding tab of the Character object.

Contextual Menu

When right-clicking in the objects list, you can access a contextual menu.

Start Pick Session

Use this command to enter a picking session. When in a pick session, you can click on any objects either in the viewport or Object Manager to add them to the list automatically. Press the Esc key to exit the pick session.(or select the next command).

Stop Pick Session

This command (or alternatively pressing the ESC) will end the pick session.

Select Object(s)

Selects the highlighted object(s) in the Object Manager.


Removes the highlighted objects from the list.

Remove All

Removes all objects from the list.