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Character Component

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Character Component

Creating components using the Character Component tag is a complicated and time-consuming task, which is designed for use by rigging professionals. Average users should not worry about getting a complete grasp of this - they should rather take advantage of the end result of this process by using the preset rigs that are provided for the character objects.

The Character Component tag (in the following simply referred to as Component tag) allows you to define objects or hierarchies of a rig as components to be used in conjunction with the Character object as well as CMotion. With this tag and the Character Object, you will be able to create reusable, rigs to fit a variety of characters without needing to set tags and expressions up manually each time.

A variety of icons are used to represent the Component tag, depending on the Type set for the tag. There's even the option to define a custom icon for each Component tag. The icons are automatically colored based on the color set in the Basic tab of the object to which the Component tag is applied.

The built-in icons for the Component tag include:

The icons on the left are the various component tag types. The icons on the right refer to the different character types when the Component tag is set to Character.