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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio
Compositing Tag

Basic Tag GI Exclusion Object Buffer ProRender


The following 3 settings are only for use with ProRender.

Shadow Catcher Alpha

If enabled, the object to which the tag is assigned will be initially excepted by the Alpha channel (Render Settings Save tab), and the object to which the tag is assigned will be taken into account by the Alpha channel as follows: regions that lie in the shadows will be brighter, no shaded areas will be depicted as black.

See also Shadow Catcher for general information about shadow catching functions.

Light Portal

Enable this option when rendering indoor spaces that are illuminated from the outside by a sky by a few small openings (e.g., windows). A mass of samples in the direction of these light portals is taken and less noise will be generated.

Assign the Compositing tag to objects through with light passes (normally window panes). Note when using single-pane windows: the Normals must be oriented towards the room’s interior.

Object Group ID

Use this setting to define the color for the Multi-Pass of the same name in the ProRender settings.