Cinema 4D / BodyPaint 3D Program Documentation Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio Hair
Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio

Hair Preferences

Auto Add Post Effect

If this option is activate the Hair renderer Post Effect, necessary for rendering hair, will automatically be activated when: The Add Hair command is executed, when a Render Hair tag is applied, or whenever otherwise deemed necessary.

This function does not work when copying HAIR objects between scenes. The post effect must be manually activated in the new scene.

Auto Link Object

If this option is active, the newly created Hair object will be linked with the object used to create the hair when the Add Hair command is executed.

Example: You have selected polygons on the surface of a sphere, on which you want to let hair grow. After selecting Add Hair, the subsequently created Selection tag (or the object itself if no Selection tag was included) will be added to the Hair object’s Link field (Guides Tab).

Auto Add Material

If this option is active, a Hair material will automatically be created and applied to the newly created Hair object when the Add Hair command is executed.

Hair as Child

Activating this option will make a newly created Hair object (Add Hair) a child of the object that was active in the Object Manager when the Hair object was created.

If a Hair object is created as a child of another object, the guides / hairs will be arranged over the entire parent object.


Guides will turn turquoise when most interactive tools pass over them, letting you know where a particular tool can be used. Use this option to turn this function off.

Show Unrooted

Shows unrooted Guides.


Numerous tools show their radius in the form of a cursor. This setting offers you the following options:

Object Modify Undo

If you edit an object containing guides, on which hair has grown (e.g., delete a polygon), guide roots can be rearranged, which will have an effect on the hairstyle. If you do an Undo, this step will be undone. If you also want the guide roots to return to their exact previous position with no change to the guides whatsoever, this option must be active. Activating this option will save relevant Hair object settings in the Undo memory, which also requires more memory.

Dynamics Undo

If you want to implement Dynamics via the Relax button (Hair object / Dynamics Tab), each time you click on this button, the previous state of the hair will be saved to the Undo memory. This option can be deactivated since this function requires a lot of memory.

Default Preview

Use this setting to define which type of object will be used to preview the Hair material. If you select Standard, the standard Cinema 4D preview will be used, as defined in Cinema 4D’s preferences menu.