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Spline Dynamics

Basic Tag Properties Forces Cache Advanced


Cache lets you temporarily save dynamics calculations and view them. This allows the scene to be played much more smoothly in the editor view. The calculated and cached dynamics simulation (hereafter referred to as solution) is saved (cached), including the scene itself, and can be rendered using Team Render.

You can also save and load solutions separately.

Dynamics Cache

If this setting is not active, dynamics will be calculated. If this setting is active, the cached solution will be used. If no solution was cached, dynamics will be calculated.


Clicking this button will calculate the dynamics, and a solution will be created and cached. Dynamics Cache will subsequently be activated automatically, and the cached solution can be viewed in the editor view.


If this setting is active, the solution will be compressed and use less memory.

Empty Cache

Clicking this button deletes all cached solutions.

Update Frame

If you want to edit a cached solution, e.g., by moving individual spline points, you must subsequently click on Update Frame to cache the modified state of the spline.


Use these buttons to load calculated solutions or save them to a directory of your choosing.

Cache [1..1000]
Maximum Undo Limit (MB)

Use this setting to increase or decrease the maximum amount of memory allotted for undoing or redoing solutions. If you want to undo dynamics operations that you have completed over the past 12 hours, for example, it would be a good idea to increase the Cache setting.