Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio Sketch and Toon Sketch and Toon Render Tag
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio
Sketch Render Tag

Basic Properties


Here you can enter a name for the object.

Include Children

Enable the Include Children option if you want the tag to affect child objects also.

Allow Lines
Allow Shading

Disable these options to switch off post effect lines and post effect shading for the object.

Render Culling

For details on how Sketch and Toon decides which lines are hidden and which are visible, look up lines.

Generally you will not need to use this mode. It is designed for exceptional culling cases, such as when you need to see lines through an alpha map. It is much like the culling options in the Sketch material on the Render tab, except the tag gives you an easy way to set the culling for a single object and then per Sketch Style tag (good for not culling facial lines against, say, hair).

For the object that has the Sketch Render tag:


Exclude mode excludes ALL lines from the Sketch Style tags in the Style Tags box from being culled by this object.


Forced mode forces the Sketch Style tags in the box to be culled by the object that has the tag, even if this object is behind the tags lines.

Normal culling (left) and forced culling for the cube. Note how the sphere’s outline is culled where it overlaps the cube, but remains where it overlaps the sphere.

Style Tags

See Forced.