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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Interaction Tag

Basic Tag Scripting Output Poly Info Proxy

Tag Properties


Enable this option if the tagged object should be moved when clicked on and dragged. If the object should remain unaffected, this option should be disabled.

There is a global tweak option that can be used to enable or disable tweaking. The option in this tag, however, always has a higher priority and will override the global setting.

Disable Viewport Selection

This option defines whether or not the tagged object can be selected in the Viewport. If this option is enabled, selection will not be possible. This can, for example, be useful if you have a high number of control objects and only some of them should be selected.

When Selected

This setting defines what should happen when the tagged object is already selected and subsequently clicked on and dragged. For example, should the tag be evaluated (i.e., call up existing scripts, output values, etc.) or ignored completely? What if multiple objects are selected - should all tagged objects be evaluated or just one? These types of issues can be defined using this setting.

Disable Transforms

If an object is already selected, enabling this option will prevent this object from being transformed (moved, scaled, rotated).

Highlight Object

Enable this option if the tagged object should be highlighted when selected - as shown above.

Hide Mouse On Drag

Enable this option if the cursor should be hidden when the tagged object is tweaked.

Hide Object

If this option is enabled, the tagged object will be hidden (but will still be rendered) and only highlighted when the cursor is hovered over it (the Highlight Object option must be enabled). This is useful for creating ,hidden’ handles that are only displayed when the object is clicked on.

If the Highlight Object option is disabled, the handles will remain hidden and only you will know where they are …