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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Interaction Tag

Basic Tag Scripting Output Poly Info Proxy


These settings are primarily designed to be referenced by and used to execute actions by scripts/XPresso (e.g., "If a tagged object is dragged more than 100 pixels to the right then object X will be set to location Y").

The first three options can be enabled optionally. Various objects can, for example, be selected or highlighted with the help of XPresso.

Use Right Mouse Button

If this option is enabled, the RMB can be used for tweaking. By default, this function will move the object in the camera’s direction of view.

The tag will also reference all of the settings described below as well as those from the next tab.

Object Is Selected

This option, which can also be defined via XPresso/scripts, outputs the tagged object’s selection state.

Object Is Highlighted

This option, which can also be defined via XPresso, scripts, outputs the tagged object’s highlighted state (the white outline an object has when the cursor is hovered over it).

Object Is Being Tweaked

This option outputs the tweaking state. This is only true in a Boolean sense when the tagged object is clicked upon (and not if it’s ,dragged along’ by a tweaked Parent object as part of a hierarchy).

Mouse Button

Outputs which mouse button will be used for tweaking the tagged object. The Use Right Mouse Button option described above must be enabled to output the Right option.

X Mouse [-2147483648..2147483647]
Y Mouse [-2147483648..2147483647]

These values output the cursor location in pixels in the Viewport. This can, for example, be used to restrict actions to objects located at the top left of the Viewport, etc.

Pen Pressure [0..+∞%]

If a graphics tablet is used, this setting outputs the pen pressure from between 0% (light touch) and 100% (firm). This can, for example, be used to define that a selection can only be made if pressed upon firmly.

Pen Tilt [0..+∞%]

If a graphics tablet is used, this setting outputs the pen’s angle from between 0% (perpendicular to tablet) and 100% (parallel to tablet).

Pen Angle [-∞..+∞°]

If a graphics tablet is used, this setting outputs the pen angle. For example, on a clock face, would be 12-o’clock and 90° would be 3-o’clock.

Mouse Wheel [-∞..+∞]

The respective values will be output if the mouse wheel is rotated during tweaking. If the wheel is rotated forward, the value will increase, if the wheel is rotated backward, the value will be reduced. How precisely the values will change depends on the type of mouse used.

X Pixels [-2147483648..2147483647]
Y Pixels [-2147483648..2147483647]

These settings output the distance between the current cursor loction and the mouse click location in X (horizontal) and Y (vertical) pixels (see also Example 2).

Mouse Travel [-∞..+∞]

This setting outputs the distance in pixels between the current cursor location and the mouse click location.

Object Delta [XYZ ]

This setting outputs the actual changes made to the object from the time the mouse button was pressed. This value is not output in pixels like other values but as a vector in 3D space. Let’s say you moved an object with the Tweakable option disabled. If you now click + drag the tagged object, the Object Delta value would be the distance that the object would normally have been moved. If these values are assigned to another object via XPresso/script, this object would basically be controlled remotely (i.e., exactly what you would do using the proxy function that is described later in this manual).