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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Interaction Tag

Basic Tag Scripting Output Poly Info Proxy


These settings are designed for tweaking other objects to which this tag is NOT assigned.

Proxy Object

Normally, the object to which a tag is assigned (tagged object) will be affected when you select the tag. If a different object is defined in the Proxy Object field, this object will be tweaked instead.

If Dynamic Proxies is enabled, the Proxy Object defined in this field will be ignored.

Highlight Proxy Object

Use this option to define whether or not the highlighting (white outline) of the tagged object should be carried over to the Proxy Object. Hence, if this option is enabled, the proxy object will be highlighted if the cursor hovers over the tagged object. If this option is disabled, the tagged object would only be highlighted if the cursor were hovered over it (in the absence of hierarchical effects).

Select Proxy

If this option is enabled, the Proxy Object will also be selected if the tagged object is selected in the Viewport.

Transform Proxy

Enable this option if the tweaking should be transferred to the Proxy Object, i.e., the Proxy Object will move if the tagged object is moved. The Proxy Object can be excluded (Tweakable option). What can be done with this can be seen in the following example.

Dynamic Proxies

In order for dynamic proxies to work, the following requirements must be met:

Dynamic proxies can be called up by pressing the mouse button and moving the cursor over the polygon selection. The names of all Polygon Selection tags for the tagged object will be displayed below. Each Selection tag has a link field into which any object can be dragged. Depending on the location of the mouse, the tweaking can be carried over to the respective object (see also following example).

Proxies can, for example, be exchanged freely using XPresso. Just about any proxy can be selected and tweaked under almost any circumstances - tweaking can even be allotted to different objects at different times.