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Interaction Tag

Basic Tag Scripting Output Poly Info Proxy

Interaction Tag


This tag can be used to create elaborate, interactive control mechanisms. This tag primarily defines what happens when you click on an object in the Viewport (with no object having been previously selected) and click+drag, and then release. Generally speaking, what happens in Tweak Mode mode.

This is normally done in Use Object/Model mode with the Move, Scale or Rotate tool selected.

Example 1

  1. The cube is used as a type of remote control: one of the smaller cubes will move, depending on which color surface you click and drag (the remote control cube can also be made to move or can be made to remain in place). If this concept is, for example, applied to character rigs, a wide range of new possibilities open up for interactively controlling complex rigs …
  2. If a command is called up (in this example: Save) when the cursor is positioned over a plane, the Project can be saved.

Example 2

If a plane is grabbed and dragged, the Wind deformer’s amplitude can be controlled. The X Pixels setting is referenced and added to the existing amplitude. Of course any other setting can be used in place of amplitude.