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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Key Interpolation

Key Interpolation

Since Cinema 4D R13, the options for newly created keyframes can be found in the Project Settings.

All pertinent keyframe interpolation properties can be defined here when new keyframes are generated (using the red buttons in the Animation palette). Note that keys will be created with Interpolation set to Spline to preserve the existing FCurve shape if they are created while pressing the Ctrl key.


If a keyframe already exists, the existing keyframe’s interpolation type will be maintained when a new keyframe is recorded (only the Value Key will be overwritten).

You should already be familiar with the following options from the Key Properties:


See Interpolation.

Quaternion Interpolation

See Quaternion Interpolation.

Lock Time

See Lock Time.

Lock Value

See Lock Value.


See Breakdown.

Breakdown Color

See Breakdown Color.

Key Preset

See Key Preset.

Auto Tangents

See Auto Tangents


See Clamp

Weighted Tangents

See Weighted Tangents


See Slope

Remove Overshooting

See Remove Overshoot

Automatic Weighting

See Automatic Weighting

Lock Tangent Angles

See Lock Tangent Angles

Break Tangents

See Break Tangents

Lock Tangent Lengths

See Lock Tangent Lengths

Keep Visual Angle

See Keep Visual Angle