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Function available in CINEMA 4D Broadcast, Studio
MoGraph Weightmap

Basic Tag Fields

Tag Properties


Sets the weighting saved in the tag to 0%.


Inverts the weighting saved in the tag. For example, 0% will be inverted to 100% and vice-versa.

Use Fields

The Fields that were added in Cinema 4D R20 can also be used to pass values (referred to as Weighting to the following tags:

All of these tags can be transferred or converted to one another using the Field Layer Variable tag

Enable this option if you want to control the tag Weighting using Fields. An additional Fields tab will be made available. Any existing Weighting will be saved on a Freeze layer so it isn’t lost.

If this option is disabled, the current state will be restored - only then can Weighting again be applied manually.

If this option is enabled, tags cannot be painted on.

Tip 2:
Note that enabling this option turns the tag into an Expression tag, which increases render time. If you don’t use dynamic Field effects, this option can remain disabled.