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Camera Morph

Basic Tag Morph Tracks

Camera Morph

You might be familiar with the problem of having to orient the camera towards one interesting object after another in the course of a camera motion. This can be done tediously using a Spline along which the camera moves or easily using the Camera Morph tag. Simply create several cameras - that can also be animated - for the regions you want to show and use the Camera Morph tag to automatically create separate animated cameras (incl. their most important parameters such as Focal Length). Morphing = steplessly assuming other states.

The Camera Morph tag is also well-suited for merging multiple autonomous camera flights or moves. You can, for example, steplessly morph from a Motion Camera to a normal camera that is animated with keyframes to a camera with a Vibrate tag.

How to create a morphing camera

Information regarding baking:
Before baking Motion Cameras or camera morphs, you must create empty Tracks in the Timeline for all camera settings (with the exception of position, scale and rotation) controlled by these Expressions such as Focal Distance, F-Stop, etc.

Camera Morph

Selecting this command (2 cameras must be selected, between which a newly created camera can then morph) creates the following camera setup:

The Morph Camera that is created is controlled using the Camera Morph tag.