Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Character Menu Paint
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Options Painting Symmetry Display


Paint Mode

Use this setting to define what you want to paint (select the respective tag, otherwise new ones will be assigned automatically):

Opacity [0..100%]

Use this setting to define the brush’s opacity. This value has no influence on the alpha channel. The alpha strength is defined using the Alpha channel described below.


Lets you select the mode in which the vertex map should be edited.


Adds colors in a defined opacity to existing colors. Simultaneously pressing the Ctrl/Cmd key (Windows) Ctrl/Cmd key (Mac) will subtract colors from existing Weighting.


Subtracts Weighting in a defined strength from existing Weighting. Simultaneously pressing the Ctrl/Cmd key (Windows) Ctrl/Cmd key (Mac) will add Weighting to existing Weighting.

Simultaneously pressing the Ctrl/Cmd key in Vertex Map Paint Mode will delete the values.


Lets you paint using an exact absolute value.


Lets you interactively smooth hard colors edges. Press the Apply All button to smooth the entire vertex map/vertex colors. Smooth is also used temporarily in other modes if the Shift key is simultaneously pressed.


Ascertains the average value within the brush radius and applies it with maximum strength.


Lets you enlarge colored areas. Simply paint over the edges of weighted areas to enlarge them interactively - similar to the way ink spreads as it is soaked up by a napkin.


Allows a relative increase of the value of existing colors.


Lets you reassign the values of existing color. A curve will be displayed with which the assignment can be defined. It’s similar to a gradation curve in Photoshop: If the curve dips slightly, a value initially set at 50% will only be weighted with 40% after being painted. The values for 100% and 0% will remain unchanged.

Other modes

The description of the 4 other modes not listed here that are only displayed if one of the vertex color modes is selected can be found here.


See Remap above.

Smooth [1..1000]

This mode is available only when in Smooth mode. Clicking on the Apply All button will define the radius around each point within which other colors should be included in the calculation.

Apply All

Clicking this button will apply color to the entire. The strength and type of Weighting is defined in the Mode and Strength settings, respectively.

Apply Selected

Works exactly like Apply All, except that only the selected points will be affected.

This setting can be used to define a crisp edge for vertex colors (if the tag’s Vertex Color setting is set to Polygon Points).


Defines the color that the Vertex Color modes will apply.

Alpha [0..100%]

Defines the alpha value that will be applied in Alpha mode.