Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Visualize, Broadcast, Studio Advanced Render Physical Sky
Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio


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Volumetric clouds as seen in Enhanced OpenGL mode: Left the viewport view set to maximum quality; right the rendered image.

Depending on whether or not Enhanced OpenGL is enabled (View: Options menu), the clouds will be displayed as a good-quality preview or as points (as is shown in the image below).

A volumetric cloud is depicted in the editor as an adjustable grouping of cloud density points. These points give a good impression of what the actual cloud looks like without having to render it.

Top left, the rendered cloud; in the main image, its density-point alter ego.

The cloud’s density points will only be completely visible (Cloud Tool Display tab) if the Cloud object and Cloud Tool have been selected. When tools other than the Cloud Tool are selected, only a reduced number of points will be visible, which speeds up workflow.


Basically, there are two ways to work with the Cloud Tool:

  1. Paint new clouds. See General.

    See Volumetric Clouds.

  2. Edit existing clouds.

If you select Frame Geometry (viewport’s View menu) or the shortcut H after having painted several clouds, your camera will be placed very far from the sky. If you now paint a new cloud, this can cause SKY to exceed your computer’s available memory. Therefore, always make sure the clouds you paint are not too large.