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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Options Record Movement HUD Display

HUD Display

Center Square Cursor

If activated, a symbol will be displayed that marks the center of an interactive orbit.

Collisions Flag

A green icon will be displayed at the top right of your editor view if the camera’s path of view (the camera’s Z axis) meets or intersects a polygonal object. Simply disable this option if you do not want this icon to be displayed.

Recording Flag

A red icon will be displayed at the bottom right of the 3D view when a camera movement is recorded using the settings in the Record Movement tab.

Camera Heading and Pitch

If the Collision Orbit tool is active, a small HUD element will be displayed at the lower right of your editor view. This HUD element displays the camera’s current heading and pitch values, which makes navigation easier. This option can also be disabled, if desired.