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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio
Add Guides


Radius [0..+∞]

This is the radius of the tool itself, within which the guides will be painted onto the surface.

Step [0..2147483647]

If you paint guides onto a surface using click & drag, this setting defines how often guides will be painted onto a surface. If this setting is given a value of 10, guides will be set every 10 pixels for each mouse movement.

Count [1..2147483647]

This is the maximum number of guides that will be set per individual click or each time guides are set (Step).

Length [0..+∞m]

This setting defines the length of the guides that will be painted onto the surface.

Min Spacing [0..+∞m]

This is the minimum distance between set guides.


If this setting is active, newly created guides will be interpolated between existing guides.

Strength [0..100%]

Use this setting to adjust the degree of interpolation of the newly painted Guides. A value of 0% will result in no interpolation (Guides will stand completely perpendicular to the surface). A value of 100% will result in complete interpolation. Setting the value to 100% is not advisable since Guides could result that penetrate the surface - something that should be avoided. A value of around 70% will deliver the best results.


If you use a graphics tablet, use Pressure to define which setting (None, Radius, Length, Count) should be affected by the pen.