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Options Tool




Cloned guide with Auto Root active.

If in the Clone mode, the selected guides can be doubled and mirrored onto the opposite side of the mirror surface.


This mode interpolates edited hairstyles. Guides must, though, already be present on the other side of the selected guides or of the mirror surface. These should be distributed symmetrically, since only very small diversions from ideal symmetry can be compensated for.

The selected guides are shown on the mirrored side as a preview.

Auto Root

This setting can only be used in conjunction with the Clone mode and ensures that the cloned guides are planted (rooted) right away – assuming geometry exists at the location to which the guides are cloned.

Strength [0..100%]

Use this slider to define the strength of interpolation on the guides. The higher the value, the closer the affected guides will match the mirrored guides.

Search [0..+∞m]

If the arrangement of guides is not perfectly symmetrical, when in the Interpolate mode, you can try to find a fitting equivalent to the selected guides on the mirrored side by increasing the Search value (the guide root being the decisive factor). This will only work with an existing guide distribution that is fairly symmetrical. Guides that grow wildly (i.e. those created using the Polygon Area option in the Hair object’s Guides tab) will not exactly be partial to this function.

Guides [-2147483648..2147483647]

From left to right: Initial state; guide = X; guide = 10.

If a guide is found on the mirrored side when in the Interpolation mode, the Guides setting will cause exactly as many interpolations to be created in close proximity the mirrored guide, i.e., the guides within a close radius will be made to look similar to the hairstyle that was mirrored.


Use this setting to select the coordinate system the mirror plane (Mirror setting) should use:


Use this setting to determine the mirror plane. The corresponding coordinate system should be selected using the Coords setting.


If Custom is selected in the Coords setting, the coordinate system of the object placed into this field will define the coordinate system of the mirror plane.