Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Mesh Menu Line Cut
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Line Cut


Note that these settings are not interactive but must be defined prior to creating cuts.

Most of these settings are only useful in conjunction with cutting polygon meshes. Most of these settings will have no effect when cutting splines.

Visible Only

If this option is enabled, only visible edges and polygons will be cut, i.e., no back sides will be cut. Regions covered by other objects are not included.

Slice Mode

The cut shown on the left in various modes (for Split, both halves were moved apart for demonstration purposes).

Use this setting to define how precisely a cut should be made:

Single Line

If this option is enabled, the cut line will always be made up of only 2 control points. This makes it possible to quickly create successive cuts: click and drag the cut line, then release the mouse button; repeat as often as needed. You can still click on a visible cut line to create a control point.

Infinite Cut

This setting will extend the cut line indefinitely, which makes it possible to also cut (selected) objects or mesh outside of the Viewport view.

Restrict To Selection

If enabled, only selected polygons or edges will be cut.

Select Cuts

If enabled, newly created cut lines will be selected (visible only in Use Edge mode).

Connect Cut Edges

If enabled, polygons will also be cut. Otherwise only edges will be cut.

Preserve N-gon Curvature

If this option is disabled, the cut will be made linearly through the non-planar N-gons, i.e., the N-gon’s shape will be modified; if this option is enabled, the function will attempt to maintain the original shape by creating new points (at the cut location with the N-gon lines).

Auto Snap

This tool has its own auto snap function, which can be used to snap to points, edges or polygons of selected objects. You can also use the regular Snap function instead but the color coding (blue for polygons, red for edges, green for points) will not be used.

Angle Constrain
Angle [0.1..180°]

If this option is enabled, the cut line will be constrained to the angle interval defined by the Angle value. This can also be done without enabling this option by pressing the Shift key while creating cuts.

Realtime Cut

If cut line control points are moved, the resulting cut points will normally be displayed in white. For objects with very high subdivision (e.g, with more than 1 million points), the calculation of the preview can take quite some time, which bogs down interactivity. In such cases, this option should be disabled. The preview will then be created when you release the mouse button.