Reference Cinema 4D Cinema 4D Prime Mesh Menu Plane Cut
Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Plane Cut



Use this option to define how precise the cuts will be:

Plane Mode


This works as described on the Introduction page.


These modes were assumed directly from the old (prior to R18) Knife tool’s Plane mode. White cut planes that can be moved with the mouse are used that are oriented to a certain coordinate system (Local = object coordinate system; World = world coordinate system; Camera = camera coordinate system). The cut planes along the coordinate system are defined using the following Plane setting.

There is no manipulator for these modes as is the case with the Plane Mode Free.

The layer cuts will be made here via mouse click.


Use this setting to define the coordinate system to which the cut layers should lie parallel.

Plane Position [XYZ m]
Plane Rotation [HPB °]

When interactively creating cut planes, the plane position and rotation (and therewith also the manipulator) are entered into the world coordinates. If you want to enter these manually, you can do this at any time. At the far right you will find a drop-down menu whose settings let you rotate the cut plane parallel to a specific plane in the world coordinate system. For example, +X will rotate the cut plane perpendicular to the positive X axis. If the cut plane was positioned freely, Custom will be displayed automatically.

Offset [-∞..+∞m]

This value can be used to move the cut layers to one side of the cut line or the other (negative values can also be entered).

Number of Cuts [1..2147483647]
Spacing [-∞..+∞m]

The Number of Cuts setting can be used to define any number of parallel cut planes. The Spacing value defines the distance between individual planes. Enable the Regular Slice option if the number of cuts should be spread evenly across the object’s width.

Restrict To Selection

If enabled, only selected polygons or edges will be cut.

Select Cuts

If enabled, newly created cut lines will be selected (visible only in Use Edge mode).

Connect Cut Edges

If enabled, polygons will also be cut. Otherwise only edges will be cut.

Preserve N-gon Curvature

If this option is disabled, the cut will be made linearly through the non-planar N-gons, i.e., the N-gon’s shape will be modified; if this option is enabled, the function will attempt to maintain the original shape by creating new points (at the cut location with the N-gon lines).

Auto Snap

This tool has its own auto snap function, which can be used to snap to points, edges or polygons of selected objects. You can also use the regular Snap function instead but the color coding (blue for polygons, red for edges, green for points) will not be used.

Regular Slice

This option can be enabled in the Plane mode, local, world, camera, to distribute the Number of Cuts evenly across a selected surface.

Angle Constrain
Angle [0.1..180°]

If this option is enabled, the cut line will be constrained to the angle interval defined by the Angle value. This can also be done without enabling this option by pressing the Shift key while creating cuts.

Realtime Cut

When editing the manipulator, the currently selected cut line (yellow) can be displayed in realtime (option enabled; slower) or after the mouse button is released (option disabled; faster). A speed advantage can also be achieved when adjusting the manipulator.

Disabling this option is advantageous with regard to workflow speed when working with objects with very high subdivisions (e.g., 1 million or more points).