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Function available in CINEMA 4D Prime, Visualize, Broadcast, Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Measure & Construction Tool



This option controls whether the active measurement is displayed in the viewport.

Delete Measure

Deletes the active measurement.

Create Object

This button creates a Measure object, which enables you to store measurements. The Measure object stores almost all options, parameters and measurements. See also Selection.

To change a Measure object’s distance and angle values:

  1. In the viewport or Object Manager, select the objects involved in the measurement.

  2. Choose the M&C function.

  3. In the Attribute Manager, set Selection to the name of the Measure object that you want to edit.

3rd Point

A second measurement line is required if you want to measure an angle. To add the second measurement line, enable the 3rd Point option or Ctrl-click in the viewport. To delete the 3rd point and revert to a single measurement line, disable 3rd Point.




Here you will find information about the objects being measured, including the names of the objects and the index numbers and positions of the points at the ends of the measurement line(s).


Usually, you will not need to enter values here because they will be set automatically when you define the measurement lines. However, there is one option that you may need to set manually: if you set Mode to World, the corresponding object point will be defined as a fixed point in the world coordinate system. Among other things, this enables you to move two selected objects together.

Index [-2147483648..2147483647]
Position [XYZ m]

Manual changes to this mode will be limited since these values are automatically entered when a measure line is defined. The only exception is the World option in the Mode menu. When this option is defined, the corresponding point will be defined as a locked point in the world coordinate system. This will, for example, allow two selected objects to be moved at once.