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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio & BodyPaint 3D
Sculpt Brush Amplify Tool

Settings Falloff Stamp Symmetry Stencil Modifiers


Stencil Preset

These buttons can be used if you want to archive Stencils with individual settings for later use. Your Stencils (as well as all other Cinema 4D presets) will be saved to a library in your user directory under Maxon/Version/library/browser/user.lib4d.

In the Content Browser you will find the presets (to download, delete, etc.) in the Presets/user/Sculpt Stencils Preset directory.

Note that bitmaps will not be saved for presets that contain bitmaps. The preset will contain an absolute path to the bitmap. Therefore you should make sure that Cinema 4D can access this path.

Use Stencil

Enables or disables the Stencil function.


Toggles the stencil’s visibility (the Q key can also be used).

Hide During Stroke

If this option is enabled, the stencil will be hidden as soon as the mouse button is pressed, i.e., the brush will be active.


Load the bitmap on which the Stencil function should be based here (white=min. effect; black=max. effect). In the Content Browser under Presets/Sculpting/Stencils you will find numerous stamps you can use (simply drag your selection into the Image field).

You can use either bitmaps with gray scales OR bitmaps with alpha channels - mixing the two is not possible.


The stamp can not only be defined using a bitmap but also using a material. This bears the advantage that Cinema 4D shaders can be used (e.g., Noise). These must be converted internally to bitmaps. The Material Resolution setting in the Preference menu’s Sculpting menu defines the bitmap’s size.

The loaded texture’s Color channel is evaluated based on its grayscale values:

Black = no effect; White = maximum effect; in-between tones produce correspondingly strong or weak effects.

Transparency [0..1]

Defines the transparency with which the stencil bitmap will be displayed in the Viewport. The bitmap will be hidden automatically when sculpting (mouse button pressed).

Angle [0..360°]

Use this setting to define the orientation of the Stencil in the Viewport. This can also be done interactively by pressing T + middle mouse button.

Scale [0.01..100]

Use this setting to scale the Stencil in the Viewport. This can also be done interactively be pressing T + right mouse button.

Translate [XYZ ]

Use this setting to change the position of the Stencil in the Viewport. This can also be done interactively by pressing T + left mouse button.

Tile X
Tile Y

Use these settings to tile the Stencil horizontally (Tile X) or vertically (Tile Y).

Flip X
Flip Y

Use these settings to mirror the Stencil horizontally (Flip X) or vertically (Flip Y).

Gray Value [0..1]

Whereas the Grab brush, for example, raises (bitmap region lighter than Gray Value) or lowers (bitmap region darker than Gray Value) the mesh, the Gray Value defines the null level at which nothing happens. If Gray Value is set to 0, black regions will remain unaffected by the brush, brighter values will cause the corresponding regions to be raised.

See also Gray Value for more information.