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Function available in CINEMA 4D Studio & BodyPaint 3D

Sculpt Brush Mask Tool

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Sculpt Brush Mask Tool

The Stamp function can also be used to apply existing designs (in this example the Inflate brush was used and the masked regions omitted); in the 2nd step the mask was inverted.

The Mask brush is somewhat different from the other brushes. The brush itself is not used to sculpt but rather to mask regions of an object that are then protected from being modified by other brushes (exception: in conjunction with the Symmetry function, the mask will behave like a selection). With the Mask brush you can paint directly onto a Sculpt object (without having to deal with projection types or UV coordinates).

The Mask brush has the following special features:

Only one mask per Layer can be created, which will be restricted to that Layer (and will only be displayed if the Layer is visible). These can, if necessary, be copied onto other layers with the same subdivision.

The mask can be disabled in the Sculpting Layer Manager.

The mask color can be subsequently modified in the Sculpt tag.

Link Size / Link Pressure / Link Symmetry

If one of the first three options is enabled, the value will be applied to all Sculpt brushes (even if you use a preset). Example: You set the Wax brush’s Size value to 15 and you switch to the Erase brush. This brush will also have a Size value of 15 if the Link Size option is enabled.


If this option is enabled you will also be able to sculpt on the back side of a polygon (the cursor color will change to blue). The direction of the brush’s effect will remain unchanged for most brushes (the Pull brush, for example, will still pull in the direction of the surface Normals). The exceptions are the Scrape and Fill brushes.

Keep Visual Size

If this option is enabled, the brush size will change accordingly when the Viewport is zoomed in or out to keep the visual size relative to the screen. If this option is disabled, the brush stroke will always have the same diameter no matter what the Viewport’s zoom factor is.

Preview Mode

Here you can define how the brush preview should be displayed around the cursor: