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Stich and Sew


Stich and Sew

The primary purpose of the Stitch and Sew tool is to join together object edges that have the same number of points. The tool works in all three modes (point, edge and polygon). However, it works with somewhat limited functionality in the polygon mode. In most cases, a selection is required.

Stitch and Sew applied to the selected edges in combination with pressed Ctrl/Cmd and Shift keys as well as without.

To use the Stitch And Sew tool, in point or edge mode select the edges that you want to join. Click and drag from the first edge to the other edge. While you drag, a highlighted line will appear that connects the two edges. Release the mouse button to apply the change.

You can also use the Stitch And Sew tool to cap arches or circles in point mode (see sphere example, above). An even number of points is required.

The following functionality works in all three modes:

Stitch And Sew is especially useful for creating clothing, hence its name. With Stitch And Sew, you can quickly attach, say, sleeves to the rest of a shirt.

Polygon mode

The tool works differently in polygon mode. This mode only makes sense if a polygon strip is selected that is a single polygon wide.

The selected polygon strip’s top row of points will be welded with the strip’s bottom row of points.

You can modify the functionality using the Shift key and Ctrl/Cmd key.

If you hold down the Shift key at the same time, a new polygon will be created in the same place as the selected polygon strip.

Or if you hold down the Ctrl/Cmd key at the same time, the point rows will be stitched together at the position halfway between the point pairs.

Using Stitch And Sew when no elements are selected

In point or edge mode, if no points or edges are selected, you can drag individual points or edges onto neighboring elements to weld them together. If you simultaneously hold down the Ctrl-key the join will be at the position halfway between the two elements.

Using Stitch and Sew in point and edge mode with no elements selected.