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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

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Cross Cursor

When the direction of view is controlled using the mouse, the focal point will be represented by a small cross symbol.

Collisions Flags

Different icons represent different types of collisions.

These icons will be displayed in the 3D view when collisions or certain conditions are recognized by the Virtual Walkthrough tool. When climbing steps (Walk-through mode with Tank-controls), make sure that the yellow icon is displayed. If not you can adjust your position using the F and R keys.

Direction Compass

Use this setting to turn the directional compass, located at the top right of your 3D view, on or off. North = Z axis. The arrow(s) will represent the following, depending on the mode (Options tab) you are in:

Recording Flag

A red icon will be displayed at the bottom right of your 3D view when recording a movement using the options in the Record Movement tab. Use this setting to turn this icon display on or off.

Stairs Level Plane / Falling Level Plane / Collision Level Plane

Stairs Level Plane
Falling Level Plane
Collision Level Plane

The threshold values (see Scale and ThresholdTabs) can be displayed in the viewport. How they are displayed is defined as follows: