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Function available in CINEMA 4D Visualize, Studio

Options Scale and Threshold Speed Record HUD Shortcuts


This tab contains the commands for controlling the interactive camera movements. These commands can be assigned to individual keys. The hotkeys will be saved for each scene.

The commands are for the most part self-explanatory. Only the following require further explanation:

Speed Up
Slow Down

Use these settings to adjust the Movement Speed Ratio setting via hotkeys (saves you from having to do so via the Attribute Manager).

Start Recording
Stop Recording

Use these commands to start or stop recording without having to do so via the Attribute Manager.

Toggle Keep Eye Level

Use this command to quickly enable or disable the Keep Eye Level option.

Shortcuts Key Profile

Lets you select between two default key allocations. If a key’s profile is changed an empty entry field will be displayed. To switch back to a default key allocation simply select the desired one.